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Research pages

- Natural convection between infinite concentric cylinders
P. Le Quéré in collaboration with M. Prud'homme (Montréal, Canada).

- Simulation and analysis of thermoacoustic engines
C. Weisman, D. Baltean, M.-X. François, P. Le Quéré in collaboration with L. Bauwens (Calgary, Canada), P. Duthil (IPNO) and P. Carlès (UPMC).

- Boundary conditions for natural convection around a heated wire
M.-C. Duluc, F. Lusseyran and P. Le Quéré in collaboration with S. Xin(INSA-Lyon)

- Coupling of natural convection with radiation in 2D square cavities
C. Perrotin, S. Xin (CETHIL), A. Sergent and P. Le Quéré, in collaboration with G. Grasseau (IDRIS)

- Stability study of the floating zone with respect to the Prandtl number value
C. Delcarte in collaboration with O. Bouizi (CEA) and G. Kasperski (FAST, Paris-Sud)

- A model for vortex reconnection.
Ivan Delbende, in collaboration with Maurice Rossi (IJLRA, UPMC).

- Stability of the flow between two exactly counter-rotating disks with large aspect ratio
L. Martin Witkowski, C. Nore, I. Delbende, P. Le Quéré, O. Daube
in collaboration with J.S. Walker (Urbana Champaign, USA) E. Foucault and J. Pécheux (LEA, Poitiers)

- An hybrid spectral-finite element method for the 3D MagnetoHydroDynamics (MHD) equations in heterogeneous domains
C. Nore, R. Laguerre, A. Ribeiro in collaboration with J. L. Guermond (Texas A&M University, USA) and J. Leorat (Observatoire, Meudon)

- Sensitivity of the thresholds to unsteadiness upon confinement shape in deformed driven cavity
G. Labrosse and A. Redondo in collaboration with G. Kasperski (FAST, Paris-Sud).