Research pages

  1. Some mathematical aspects of the Navier-Stokes equations.
    J.L. Guermond in collaboration with J. Shen (Univ. of Purdue)
  2. Approximation of PDE's in L1
    J.L. Guermond in collaboration with B. Popov (Texas A&M Univ.)
  3. High order shock capturing schemes for LES of compressible flows.
    V. Daru, Y. Fraigneau and C. Tenaud
  4. Adaptive Mesh Refinement for unsteady shocked flow simulations.
    C. Tenaud and L. Bentaleb
  5. 3D Immersed boundary method for Eulerian velocity-vorticity unsteady incompressible Navier Stokes equations.
    L. Ta Phuoc
  6. Particle Image Velocimetry Improvement through optical flow.
    F. Lusseyran, T. Faure in collaboration with G. Quénot (IMAG, Grenoble)
  7. Characterization of the flow topology past an open cavity and reduction of the dynamics complexity.
    F. Lusseyran, T. Faure, L. Pastur, Y. Fraigneau and B. Podvin
  8. Unsteady flow dynamics through the glottis for vocal production modeling.
    D. Sciamarella and P. Le Quéré in collaboration with G. Artana (Univ. de Buenos Aires).
  9. Low order dynamical systems for the generation of unsteady boundary conditions in the LES framework.
    F. Abéguilé, L. Lorang-Vo Dinh, C. Perrotin, Y. Fraigneau, B. Podvin, L. Mathelin, O. Le Maître and C. Tenaud
  10. Control at the wall of turbulent flows.
    L. Lorang-Vo Dinh, G. Fournier, B. Podvin, P. Le Quéré, S. Pellerin and L. Ta Phuoc
  11. Optimal robust control under uncertainty.
    L. Mathelin and O. Le Maître
  12. Spectral methods for uncertainty quantification and propagation.
    L. Mathelin and O. Le Maître


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