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Research pages

  1. ASR for less-represented languages, issues in lexical modeling
    T. Pellegrini, L. Lamel
  2. Question Answering on Speech transcription; the QAST evaluation
    G. Adda, E. Bilinski, O. Galibert, S. Rosset
  3. Dialog management in a interactive and open domain QA system
    O. Galibert, G. Illouz, A. Max, S. Rosset, B. van Schooten
  4. Multi-level analysis for spoken and written documents
    O. Galibert, S. Rosset
  5. Constrained MLLR for Speaker Recognition
    M. Ferràs, C.C. Leung, C. Barras, J.L. Gauvain
  6. Multi-Stage Speaker Diarization for Meetings
    X. Zhu, C. Barras, L. Lamel, J.L. Gauvain
  7. Arabic Broadcast Transcription
    A. Messaoudi, L. Lamel, J.L. Gauvain
  8. Error detection in confusion network
    A. Allauzen
  9. Identification and characterisation of accents in French
    P. Boula de Mareüil, B. Vieru-Dimulescu, C. Woehrling, M. Adda-Decker
  10. Studies of variation within the framework of the TCAN VarCom and ANR PFC-Cor projects
    M. Adda-Decker, P. Boula de Mareüil, L. Lamel, C. Woehrling, G. Adda, E. Bilinski
  11. Quantitative study of vocing assimilation in French: acoustic measurements vs. bayesian decision
    M. Adda-Decker, P. Hallé (Laboratoire de Phonetique et Phonologie CNRS, Paris)
  12. Emotion detection in call center data
    L. Vidrascu, L. Devillers
  13. Emotions in human-machine interactions: perception, detection and generation
    L. Devillers
  14. Acoustic and prosodic characteristics of vocalic hesitations across languages
    I. Vasilescu, M. Adda-Decker, R. Nemoto
  15. Statistical Machine Translation
    H. Schwenk, D. Déchelotte, H. Maynard, A. Allauzen, G. Adda
  16. Speech Translation
    D. Dechelotte, G. Adda, E. Bilinski, O. Galibert, J.-L. Gauvain, L. Lamel, H. Schwenk


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