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Research pages

  1. Wikipedia as corpus: the wiki2tei parser
    Bernard Desgraupes, Sylvain Loiseau and Benoît Habert
  2. Clustering temporal edition profiles of Wikipedia articles using HMM
    Marie Guégan
  3. Information extraction using syntactic features for Question Answering
    Anne-Laure Ligozat
  4. Answer Justification : inference in multiple sources of knowledge
    Brigitte Grau, Anne-Laure Ligozat, Isabelle Robba, Anne Vilnat et Vincent Barbier
  5. DEFT'07 : evaluation campaign on opinion text classification
    Martine Hurault-Plantet, Cyril Grouin, Patrick Paroubek, Jean-Baptiste Berthelin
  6. Conceptual normalization of texts for semantic network visualization
    Benoît Habert, Martine Hurault-Plantet, Cyril Grouin
  7. EASy : Evaluation campaign for syntactic parsers of French
    Patrick Paroubek, Isabelle Robba and Anne Vilnat
  8. Controlled indexing for question-answering in a specialized domain
    Thierry Delbecque et Pierre Zweigenbaum
  9. 3D Audiovisual Rendering and Real-Time Interactive Control of Expressivity in a Talking Head
    Martin, J.-C., D'Alessandro, C., Jacquemin, C., Katz, B., LeBeux, S., Max, A., Pointal, L., Rilliard, A.
  10. Dialog management in a interactive and open domain QA system
    Olivier Galibert, Gabriel Illouz, Aurélien Max, Sophie Rosset, Boris van Schooten
  11. Natural Language Processing for Authoring Aids
    Aurélien Max, Sammy Debbagi